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Saldo Kreek came together in the summer of 1997. Their mission for the gathering was to write and perform their own original songs. Each member held their own history and experience. Over a period of time, extending to 1999, a catalog of 11 songs were written and finished for inclusion on their debut release “Panning for Gold ''. The release was recorded at a local studio in Geneva IL. Live performances supported their efforts of establishing themselves in the local music scene.


Soon after the release, two band members chose different paths. The remaining members, Ray Johnson, Tom Wade and Dave Bieritz continued on. By the summer of 2000, an additional 11 songs were written, polished and ready for release. Efforts to gain interest in Nashville secured them a veteran producer excited to produce Saldo Kreek’s second release. In June of 2001, Ray, Tom and Dave headed to Dark Horse Studios where “Love Street” was recorded.


Each release is uniquely different. A variance in musical style exists between the two. “Panning for Gold” draws upon acoustic/electric rock, blues, and pop sounds, while “Love Street” infuses a modern country flavor to the basics of “Panning for Gold”. No matter your taste in music, they are both enjoyable in their own right.


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