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Ray and Dave have been making music for the last 25 years. Their work is here to enjoy.
In 1997 Ray and Dave were members of the band Saldo Kreek. Together they released two CDs, “Panning For Gold” in 1999 and “Love Street” in 2001.
After a long layoff, they resumed their musical journey in 2019. Since that time they have written and recorded three new albums, “Groove” in 2019, “2020” in said year, and “Appealing To Angels” in 2021.
They believe they have created their best work to date and are thrilled to be able to share these songs with you.
You can also find Saldo Kreek music through the links below. Each title will take you to the Saldo Kreek page. Feel free to stream any and all songs on this site and if you purchase any of their music, they thank you.


Love Street

panning for gold

Copyright Ray Johnson 1999 and 2001
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